Friday, 19 November 2010

It's so obvious, adoption happens at a local level, so issues, policy and response must be cated there - Trowler notes

Trowler uses so vignettes to illustrate this. The india nation 'blackboard' campaign tried to improve teaching practice with packs of training materials and teacher training. it had very little impact. It was seen as 'proving a remedy to the wrong ailment' and 'confirming to an ideal' where the reality was completely different.
NewU brings in a policy to broaden the student experience with elective modules. Staff find creative to conform to this policy but without offering any electives. There are even cases on 'compulsory elective'.
This localised adaptation can lead to real problems Analysis of the shuttle disaster was connected to a 'the normalisation of deviance'. Health and safety procedures were adapted over time and through a social process that allowed it to become acceptable.
Trowler cultures and change in h.e. P42

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