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motivation to enagage and complete online tasks

We have a poor understanding of how to motivate students in online environments

This article has some interesting insights

Kui Xie and Fengfeng Ke The role of students' motivation in peer-moderated
asynchronous online discussions_1140 1..15 British Journal of Educational Technology (2010)

"In many ways, online discussions, in comparison to discussion activities in traditional classrooms, require students to be more motivated and self-regulated due to the lack of face-to-face moderation (Blumenfeld, Kempler & Krajcik, 2006)."

Motivation Theory
"The technology acceptance model, which was created to explain and predict users' acceptance of new technology, suggests that the perceived value is one of the major determinants of users' motivation to accept and use a technology (Davis, 1989)"
"self-determination theory (Deci & Ryan, 1985), argued that perceived value, competence, relatedness and autonomy are critical aspects that influence students' motivation . . . three innate psychological autonomy, competence and relatedness"
Autonomy - am I deciding to do it
Competence - can i do it
Relatedness - are others doing it to

Recommendations - students need to be told about the true worth of doing it
- feel part of something
- be at the optimal level
- development of peer learning community will bare fruit in acceptance of activity
- use peer moderators - by give them guidance

online learning interaction model, to examine learning in online discussions
Sharing information Simply adding facts, opinions or questions without elaboration
Egocentric elaboration Elaborating one's own arguments/concepts/problem solutions
Allocentric elaboration Comparing and synthesising peers' multiple perspectives
Application and transfer Planning future application of new knowledge or proposing in-field application strategies
23 students 30% final assessment is online activity
IMI Intrinsic Motivation Inventory

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