Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Brief notes from a short workshop on classroom technology

Clickers, or classroom voting systems, using them to support small group work with large cohorts. You’ll find the example I used here University of Strathclyde

All the guides to this technology are here

Powerpoint presentation clicker and how useful these are in allowing you to leave the podium and move more freely

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

Radio mics these are essential if using large lecture theatres and you want to move even more freely

Teacher Immediacy

Definition “|Teacher immediacy is the term used to describe communication behaviors that reduce the perceived distance between teacher and students. By definition, immediacy behaviors convey teacher warmth, communicate positive relational affect, signal approach and availability for communication, and create increased physiological arousal in receivers. Introduced in research based on her dissertation, J. Andersen (1979) identified teacher immediacy as a nonverbal construct and sought ways to measure the impact of teacher immediacy on instructional outcomes. Now, with the accumulation of nearly three decades of research on teacher immediacy, the substantial influences of teacher immediacy in creating positive instructional outcomes are well understood ( Witt et al. 2004 ).” From Teacher Immediacy Janis Andersen and Peter Andersen

Visualisers how  the activity of drawing and writing using one of these tool allows students to see the connections that a linear powerpoint has difficulty in doing. And the use of both tools simultaneously can further improve understanding by increasing the ways in which concepts are described and presented.

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Pre and Post activities and information helping to bring together a holistic understanding of the interconnection between the ideas over the series of lecturers. I demoed which captures a quick video with a voice over, very fast but highly engaging

Please email me if you want to explore any of these ideas further.



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Subject: Deeper Engagement Using Classroom Technology
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Dear Colleague

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This session will demonstrate different technologies available in the university and explore how they can be used to engage students in large or small classroom settings

Particular technologies to be explored include PowerPoint, Digital OHPs and Classroom Voting Systems.

Online materials:

Clickers (Classroom Voting Systems)
Information about the use of classroom voting systems to support learning

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