Friday, 1 April 2011

Use of audio recording as evidence and to assist in reflection

I teach on a CPD course validated by SEDA .

The aim of this course is to provide continued assistance for staff wishing to explore the potential educational technology. The central focus will be the development of a small project, with ongoing assessment in the form of 3 recorded interviews. It is practice-based, with participants drawing from their own experiences in integrating learning technologies within their areas of work.
Here's the details on the assessment process.

The project can be just starting, ongoing or a past initiative. It must obviously involve technology being applied to a learning situation. It must also be challenging or novel for the course participant.

3 tutorials are followed by 3 interviews lasting 15 minutes each and recorded. Questions will be discussed before the interview to allow preparation if needed. The questions are made up of a set of generic questions and specific questions relating to the project stage. The final section of an interview will involve the participant summarising and identifying the next action points. These points are then reflected on in the following tutorial where sections of the previous recording are reviewed.

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