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Interesting wiki writing process- A Collective Case Study of Online Interaction Patterns in Text Revisions.

A Collective Case Study of Online Interaction Patterns in Text Revisions.

Authors:     Yu-Fen Yang1
Shan-Pi Wu1

Source:       Journal of Educational Technology & Society; Apr2011, Vol. 14 Issue 2, p1-15, 15p

Abstract:    Learning happens through interaction with others. The purpose of this study is to investigate how online interaction patterns affect students' text revisions. As a sample, 25 undergraduate students were recruited to play multiple roles as writers, editors, and commentators in online text revisons. In playing different roles, they chose to read peer writers' texts, edit peer writers' errors, evaluate peer editors' suggestions and corrections, and finally rewrite their own texts. Students' choices of actions in the system to interact with their peers for the common goal of text improvement were identified as interaction patterns in this study. Results of this study revealed significant differences in students' interaction patterns and their final texts. The interaction pattern of students who made both local (grammatical corrections) and global (the development, organization, and style of texts) revisions was an extensive and reciprocal process. The interaction pattern of students who made only local revisions was almost a one-way process. Based on these interaction patterns, we suggest that teachers encourage low-participating students to engage in interactions with their peers by showing the benefits of peers' text revisions in the final drafts. Providing necessary assistance and guidance to low-participating students is essential, given their difficulties in writing texts, editing peer writers' texts, and evaluating peer editors' suggestions. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

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English as a foreign language


25 students in a experimental design conditions



Assessment Activities:

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Learning Gains:

The wiki process is interesting cycle of changing roles. The movement of students from Writing (submitting text) to Editor (checking text, making changes) to Reviewer (seeing what has been suggested by peers to one’s own writing)


These students were developing their language skills. The experiment showed that the decrease in errors from the peer feedback was not just the individuals rewrites, but due the developing understanding from the student taking on these different roles

Research method
experimental study

Struggling students needed more support because of their lack of skills.


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