Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Distance learning forum. Generous libraries and quick course turnaround

These are the notes from the distance learning forum run in LJMU. We meet every semester to share good practice and chat. This month the library team turned up on mass. Cath Marlowe, Rob Caley, Jackie Fealey and Pauline Smith. They demonstrated the new Discover tool, and how blackboard can connect with resources more easily. The huge amount of possible resources brings its own headaches. Anyone interested in embedding material from this recourse into their courses needs to connect with the libraries to find out the possible availability. They also showed their extensive range of online support materials which can be directly placed within your course. All in all, they were very receptive to working along side staff developing courses, so well worth connecting with them if you are in need.

Matt Tucker from Built Environment then presented his course design. This is for a small number of postgraduates and is in the first year of its development. His process is to create a recording of a lecture every week, which links to weekly blog questions and then an online seminar. Points of good practice being the consistency of the process, which the students found very easy to fit into their working life, and connecting online task feedback into the seminar. The small number of students allowed Matt to create the course as he went, although there were some issues with workload. He admits that the model wouldn't work with larger groups that 25, but is ideal for creating a course on the go!

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