Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blackboard collaborate session

We have collaborate, and I was keen to hear from more people at the conference.

Key additional features include:
When you add a timetabled session it appears in the new calendar
Blackboard IM allows instant access to a wimba room, if discussions need to be taken further.

The session included some excellent examples from other institutions. Both reported a very high level of reliability for students and staff. Seeing that both examples were pulling students in from around the world, it gives me extra confidence that this tool will be useful of our distance development, even in hard to reach at areas of the world.

There were some nice examples of the use of the tool for distance student presentation which could also be recorded. Here students would be offered a practice space to make sure they are happy with the tool, and then be given a slot to go through their presentation.

There wasn't a chance to share ideas, but here's one that might be in development. Many staff here use the system to prerecord presentation materials. Two things would help with this process, a pause button for the recording, and a very cut down editing tool. This could be used to re edit the content if content change between each delivery.

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