Friday, 23 August 2013

half and half - summative and formative quiz in one

Research in Learning Technology 2013; 21: 19153 -

Combining the formative with the summative: the development of a twostage online test to encourage engagement and provide personal feedback in large classes 
Susanne Voelkel

This paper explains a cycle of 3 years of different uses of online test technology.
Cycle 1 students have the choice of taking formative tests each we. Take up is small but learning gains appear to make it a useful activity.

Cycle 2 not surprisingly the author tries it as a summative  exam worth 20% of final mark. Take up is higher but learning gains decrease. Student feedback is also poor.

Cycle 3 a combination, students have to achieve 80% in a formative test in order to take the online test which are still worth 20%. Learning gains are the same as cycle 1, but number of attempts of formative have increased and student feedback is far more favourable.

Well worth a read

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