Wednesday, 6 June 2012

examples of marking criteria for online discussion

Knowlton (2000) for evaluating initial contributions:

Is the contribution mechanically clear enough for readers to understand the points being made?

Is the contribution on time?

Does the contribution meet the minimum length requirements?

Does the contribution reference assigned readings or other resources?

Does the post contain “crucial thinking”: that is indicative of the paradigms in the field?

Are the ideas communicated with respect for those who may dissent?

Knowlton, D. (2001) Promoting durable knowledge constructions through online discussion

Proceedings of the Annual Mid-South Instructional Technology Conference. (6th, Murfreesboro,

Tennessee). From


McLoughlin and Luca (2000) online discussions:

Offer and receive assistance

Exchange resources and information

Explain and elaborate on concepts

Share existing knowledge

Give and receive feedback

Challenge others’ contributions

Monitor each others contributions

Engage in collaborative tasks

Negotiate solutions to problems


McLoughlin, C. and Luca, J. (2000) Cognitive engagement and higher order thinking through computer

conferencing : We know why but do we know how? Flexible futures in tertiary teaching: Proceedings

of the 9th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 2-4 February.




Using Blooms Taxonomy


This assignment requires you to both reflect on your studies and to constructively engage with the wholly online environment used in this unit. You are required to post reflections on the course material and to comment on the postings made by other students during the semester. You have two types of task in this assignment.

Task 1—Reflect on the course material you have studied in the current week. Identify what you think is the most important topic, access the DSO system for this unit, open the Assignment 1 forum area for the appropriate week, select ‘Compose Message’ and post a few paragraphs on your selected topic that explain why you think it is important.

Task 2—Review some of the Assignment 1 posts made by other students and select one to comment on. With that message open select ‘Reply’ and post a follow-up to the original message. You may add your own additional thoughts/reasons for why that topic is important, you may wish to contribute an example related to that topic from your own experience, or something else.

You need to make at least five postings for each type of task given above, ie, at least ten postings in total, five of type one and five of type two. You should make only one of each type of posting in a given week. Only the best posting for either task type in a given week will be marked. If your postings demonstrate constructive and thoughtful reflection, you will be awarded up to 1 mark per posting, up to a maximum of 10 marks in total for the assignment. You can make more than five postings for each type of task to maximise your mark for Assignment 1. Please use your own thought/words, do not simply reproduce the course notes. Please note that the forum areas will not remain open for posting all semester, ie, it will not be possible to complete all your postings late in the semester.


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