Monday, 18 June 2012

Using TXT in lectures

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Students can text questions during lectures, and these are addressed by the

lecturer in real-time. Similarly, they can text a glossary of terms at any time

with definitions returned automatically to their phones.

SMS in Undergraduate lectures in University of Nottingham




During lectures, students can send texts to a PAYG phone linked via Bluetooth to the presentation PC. The texts can either be dealt with periodically as the lecture progresses, at the end of the lecture, in seminar time or through VLE discussion fora. In dual display lecture theatres incoming text messages could be displayed on one screen, using Nokia PC Suite, whilst lecture resources could be displayed on the second. In single display theatres the presenter can periodically switch between lecture resources and text messages so that students can see their questions are being received.

Using mobile phones in lectures


Connect SMS to Google spread sheet


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