Friday, 10 September 2010

Digital display blindness - why we don't look anymore, interesting research findings

Muller et al ran a study in 2009 on digital displays. The two methods pull out conclusions that people make quick assumptions of what type of information will be displayed. Judging the usefulness of this will either make them look or ignore them. The amount of these displays are growing they are seen as a must have. But in reality people are learning to phase them out them just as they have with other signs and messages.
Yes, placement, context etc all make a difference. but if people are really going to use them, we need to ask, what they expect to see on them, or think hard about what information is important in that context.

Muller et al (2009) display blindness; the effect of expectations on attention towards digital signage.

'information overload' eppler and mengis 2004

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