Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Podcasting project - a feast of ideas, but with some indigestion

Middleton [2009] ran a large podcasting project 'closer!' with staff find very creative uses for podcasting. See the paper for details, but here's a taste.

clinical techniques developed by staff and students [nursing]
Peer review of student podcast of key concepts [sports science]
Interviews with students on placement [business]
Weekly podcast on common areas of weakness [computer science]
Answers to questions under the theme questions you were afraid to ask [art and design]
Podcasting assignment 'what makes a good student' [journalism]

The project sounds a great success
Many staff dropped out because of time commitments
Some of t e student submissions proved tiring to listen to.

Middleton, a. (2009) beyond podcasting; creative approaches to designing educational audio, alt-j vol 17, no 2, 143-155

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