Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Msn - student who don't use it or use it all the time do best in module marks.

The study into student use of msn compares module marks with reported levels of use.
The scale = never, some days, about half the time, most days, always.

The results show an inverse bell shaped curve, with never and always achieving the highest marks. the results demonstrate the complexity of human interaction mediated by computers. I think it shows the curve of adapting to the tool. The mid range users have trouble balancing their concentration, and are distracted by it. The high users are so use to it they know how and when to use it, it is more background and less distracting. The users that never use it are not distracted. The study could now use some observations of the different types to establish the extent of use and the different types of use.

Rutter, m (2010) messenger in the barn; networking in a learning environment, alt-j

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