Thursday, 21 October 2010

Turning point clickers, on mobile

there are some good solutions out there, the best being but it's not cheap, and there are potential costs to students who are not on a free sms package

what might be interesting is to run as an experiment ask them via normal clickers, what mobile phones they have, what txt packages, do they have twitter accounts accessable via smart phone, then show them the software and see what they think

the advantages are obvious

the downsides are
students might have to pay local txt rates if they have no txt plan on the mobile
there are no sophisticated tools, it's just simple voting + plus free text answers (which could potentially be embarassing)
the interaction is a little slower as students have to type a phone number and code.
the question slides import into powerpoint, but the user interface is a little more tricky

the service is £40 (the price of one turningpoint handset) for 250 users per month

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