Thursday, 7 October 2010

Pptplex & prezi & pedagogy

Biggs' SOLO taxonomy of learning asks us to consider how students see and understand the connections that link different aspects of a subject area together. however, very few tools allow us to show these connections and the mirco and macro view of them.

Working with Martyn Stewart, I have come to realise the need for the explicit demonstration or visual connecting in this way, using maps and diagrams etc

I have played with prezi before, and introduced a few staff members to it to meet their specific needs. But there are a few problems the main one being moving from a menu based interface [microsoft] to a very different interface.

However, Neil Stanley asked me to have a look at pptplex. This is a microsoft addin to powerpoint. It has some on the capabilities of prezi but also some limitations. What's good
It is good for showing overviews of the slides to be shown. You can then use this overview to jump in and zoom in to details anywhere.
It's in powerpoint, so staff will find it easier to transferred to.

The layout of the 'map' is not as flexible as prezi. Basically it shows you the sequence of slides in a grid format, but from a higher level.
It's only a pilot, and may not be developed beyond powerpoint 10. Pptplex doesn't work with turningpoint 'clickers'

What to do now
I could show it to different people get a feeling of its use
I could talk to computer services All this requires time, which is in short supply. But, both could make a benefit to student learning, particularly in large lectures.

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